INNOsentive is a small network of musicians working together on an ad-hoc basis, our tracks are done by a varying combination of people. On the moment we're focusing on getting a good number of tracks out there before picking up gigs.

Complete Track List

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Song Time Comments
Bad Love 4:30 Latin rhythms don't make the love sound too bad. [by Mano & Monica Santos]
Torcida 2:45 Samba! Football! Now fucking shout! [by Sideshore & Mano]
Electro Freak Show 5:24 All out in this electro flick topped up with ringing vocals. [by Sideshore & Mano]
Behind The Veil 4:25 Imagine taking a Prodigy CD to a Saudi Arabian street party... [by Sideshore & Mano]
What's the Time in Sevilla (Santos Remix) 6:34 Monica Santos superb voice ads the love story to the midday heat of a South Spanish town. [by Sideshore & Mano feat. Monica Santos]
Cordiac 3:04 Pure Techno Love from the heart. [by Sideshore]
Buddha's Travels 4:02 Mix up the 80's with 2007 and you get Dark Wave. [by Sideshore & Mano]
Won't Stop 3:52 Up beat with a hardcore edge. [by Sideshore & Mano]
Trancelation 7:42 Old school trance in the good 909 tradition. [by Sideshore & Mano]
Rollin' Thru Da Sheets 4:21 Sweaty nights. Play it and do the nasty. [by Mano]
Chechen Pussy 3:18 Electro beats, in memory of Theo van Gogh. [by Mano]
Beautiful 4:02 'Beautiful bodies on the beach' to the backdrop of a sweeping cello... [by Dorian & Mano]
What U C 5:31 what you get. [by Dorian & Mano]
The Girl 5:03 Meeting a really nice girl on flight X851 to Alpha Centauri. Sort of. [by Dorian & Mano]
Rompecana 5:45 Between light and dark. [by Dorian & Mano]
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