Biography Sideshore

Sideshore Sideshore had his first electronic music experience at the age of 10. He got his first PSR-keyboard and recorded the most weird audio combinations.
After a couple of months he bought an Amiga500. Fasttracker did the job then. A lot of hardcore and jungle tracks were created!
MIDI and syncing got his attention. Amiga out PC in and his MĪDI setup grew every 3 months.
His base MIDI setup is vintage: Now Sideshore is working a lot with Mano. The way of creating is completely different. Sideshore always built digital-sound-only tracks. And now with Mano this became accoustic and electro. These two combined very well! Using his techno and hardstyle background and sound creating mind in these kind of projects gives an edgey flavour to the tracks. While the accoustic part created by Mano softens the track and gives the track it's body. This combination is the innosentive-flavour. Sideshore picked up some singing in the last few tracks. He is thinking about doing this in more tracks from now on..