New Track: Bad Love 28 Oct 2007
Another latin inspired track, it makes you wonder how love can be bad when it's sung with such a voice. Courtesy of Monica Santos.
Right click and 'Save as': Bad Love
Site Restyle 21 Oct 2007
The old site was getting a bit worn and shabby around the edges so we did a content clean up and put everything in a fresh lay out. Also the 'babyface' logo had to make way for the current 'girlface' one.
New Track: Torcida 15 Oct 2007
After a long long summer holiday we're back with this little spunky piece of samba house: Torcida.
Torcida means football fan club in Brasil. Bring on the drums and bring on the crowd...
New track: Electro Freak Show 28 May 2007
We're actually not sure what went on here and even considered claiming a raving mad clown took over the studio and left this track behind.
As the title of the track says it's maybe best described as freaky electro stuff with some ringing vocals. Mano & Sideshore hit the mic again for this one.
Listen to Electro Freak Show
New old track: The Girl 16 May 2007
I've done some research into InnoSentive's archives and found this one: The Girl. It's an oldie that was basically finished but never mastered and almost forgotten. First recordings for this song were done by Mano and Dorian in January 2002, so after 'maturing' for 5 years it finally sees the light of day.
It has got the typical InnoSentive mix of digitally destroyed electric guitars and spacey electronic sounds in a loungey setting. It sounds like meeting a really nice girl on flight X851 to Alpha Centauri. Sort of.
New Track: Behind The Veil 14 May 2007
We're happy to anounce our new track Behind The Veil.
It's an up tempo song with a nice fusion of accoustic guitars and dirty electronic sounds: imagine taking a Prodigy CD to a Saudi Arabian street party...
New release: What's The Time In Sevilla [Santos Remix] 22 Apr 2007
Monica Santos did some magnificent vocals for 'What's The Time In Sevilla' adding the love story to the town in the midday heat, and basically forcing us to make the first remix off one of our own songs. She being a professional singer (e.g. mediaeval choires) we were more than happy to oblige of course!
We lost some original takes of the vocals due to computer troubles but we think the end result is still great.
Download: What's The Time In Sevilla (Santos_Remix)
New release: Cordiac 28 Mar 2007
"Cordiac" is a new hardstyle track by Sideshore: pure techno love from the heart. Check it out!
Bad Crash 16 Mar 2007
I guess it must happen sometime but still it's a nasty shock: halfway editing a new version of What's the Time in Sevilla our main audio rig craps out on us, the whole harddisk is gone ...
Thankfully we have backups but still about a week worth of stuff is down the drain: mainly we lost some original takes of Monica Santos superb vocals for the song (check out some of her classical stuff in Mediaevox). We'll be trying to fix the damage as best as we can...
New Loungey release: What's The Time In Sevilla 13 Mar 2007
Antecipating a long hot summer we made this track as a soundtrack for a south Spanish town in the sizzling heat. Siesta time - while the clock keeps ticking... get it here: What's The Time In Sevilla
No vocals on this one but we might make a remix in the near future adding some solid/heartfelt female singing.
Dorian inactive for the time being 21 Feb 2007
Founding member Dorian puts his activities for the InnoSentive project on hold due to his busy life. For this we are sorry of course, Mano and Dorian made the transition from a punkrock band to a dance project together and go back some 10 years. We think one of our first tries at combining electronic with accoustic music still holds it's own ground: Beautiful (despite not-so-beautiful sound quality - hey, you can't get everything right the first time...)
He'll be always welcome when he feels the urge to make some noise together again!
'Fan Mail' from Chechnya 21 Feb 2007
It seems we are really being a hit in Chechenya, according to this email:
    Subject: chechen
    Date: 03/10/06 16:15
    Mail: "Chechen Pussy" -- what is it? ha?? what is it you fucking bitch,,, what the fuck you want from chechens,,,, i will rape your ass you fucking dutch bitch,,,,, do you want to say,, that chechens killed this man??? we are not terrorists,,,, we dont kill normal people on the street
Obviously he didn't get it, but hey, the song Chechen Pussy is really about cats... Only joking of course. The song is dedicated to Theo van Gogh (who was murdered by an extremist) and deals with the issues of cultural (in)tolerance and freedom of speech. Basically whether we mention christian, muslim, hindu or atheist pussy I'm happy we have the right to say that in a song without being shot So Mr Zelim can have his say although obviously we don't really appreciate the threats...
New release: Buddha's Travels 20 Feb 2007
Last sunday we finished a new darkwave production called Buddha's Travels. This production is created by Mano & Sideshore and is the first one using our own vocals.
Buddha's Travels can already be heard here.
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